Doug Feinsod changes the engine on his Henderson 4-cyl…lucky he had a spare in a crate! The main bearings (3 in this case) were rumbling…

The Motorcycle Cannonball proceeds apace with mechanical carnage and great celebration.  In the first 3 days of the ride, nearly half the machines have had mechanical ‘issues’, and a few have missed whole days, or two, or three!  Yet their intrepid/mad riders do their best, as we’d all rather be riding than wrenching in a grassy field, parking lot, or borrowed workshop.  A few of the teams brought mobile machine shops, and are taking care of business on theirs, and a line of customers who needed a bit of help!

Team Oily Rag /Vintagent's Velocette KTT is an invited interloper to the halls of the Behemoth…

Sunday saw the gang rolling into a huge reception at the Harley Davidson museum, with thousands of bikers lined up on the capacious Milwaukee grass.  As the Team Oily Rag/Vintagent Velocette KTT is waiting for camshaft help, it gave Paul d’Orleans and Susan McLaughlin a chance to take some collodion/wet plate photographs, which are reproduced here  for ‘Oily Rag’ magazine.

Shiny Kimura's 1913 Indian, which gave a spot of the grumbles somewhere in Ohio…

Stay tuned for further development… and more bad puns…

Ah, a wee bit of girly shot/badass, with photographer Susan McLaughlin…

- Paul d’Orleans

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  1. Cortes

    I gather you are continuing along the route even though you have a couple of dnf’s. Best of luck and keep us in the loop. Love the photos.

  2. Jill Copper

    Keep on keepin’ on Paul. Super shots of superstars of the open road. Personally I think every rider should be allowed a puncture repair outfit and a railway ticket…spare engines, whatever next? Seriously, this is one hell of a ride. Congratulations to everyone taking part.

  3. david B>

    need to see the KTT back on the road very soon!!!!
    Wonderful shots cabrones!!!

    • Perla

      Superior thinking deomsntrtaed above. Thanks!

  4. Jerry Rundall

    It was great working with you on your bike with Roger & Ernie at J&P on 9/10/12 wish you well on the rest of the ride


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